The Wall and Enchiladas

Pardon the dark sarcasm…

Understanding the wall takes a stretch of the imagination. No, not Pink Floyd’s masterpiece on two disc set, but the ten million dollar monstrosity meant to hug our southwestern hip.

In searching for a meaningful reason for a ten million dollar wall, one might want to consider enchiladas. Think about those spicy meat filled tortillas for a moment. An inhalation of breath, while consuming these tasty morsels, could possibly vacuum a chunk of spiced meat from your throat and into your nasal cavity where it could become lodged.

A person need not possess the nose of an elephant where it would be understandable to inhale an enchilada or chunk thereof. Eating and laughing at the same time has been known to cause this condition.

Hey, you think food wedged in your nose is funny? The nasal passage may even become numb, but not comfortably so. Cayenne pepper in the nose burns like a mother.

The discomfort of enchilada nose and prevention could be the real reason for the wall. Riff raff, such as chubby Mexican women named Aunt Cookie, wouldn’t be able to breach a wall to introduce food from a non-native culture. The wall would save Americans from possible death by infection caused by foreign food lodged in their nasal passages.

Not understandable, though, is how a wall would keep people from death by inhalation of pierogies. Granted a sauerkraut or potato dumpling might have a tougher time becoming wedged in your nose than a chunk of spicy, ground meat.

Would immigration laws then be redefined to send Polish bubbas back to their motherland?  What if the only words the bubbas knew in Polish were salt, pepper, and goodnight? Laws were made to be changed or overlooked to suit personal agendas, so this may also be feasible and could cost less than ten million dollars.

This in turn raises the question of building a wall on our northern border as well. A northern wall could save the U.S. from men in tuques bearing Molson. Beer burns a hell of a lot more than milk or enchiladas inhaled and snorted from the nose.

Walls are safety measures for our own good. Check the history books. Look under Berlin.

Pardon the dark sarcasm, but walls also serve to keep things in. How will this wall be breached to follow the trail of jobs to other countries? American factories have relocated to produce junk on the cheap for our people (including the unemployed) to buy.

Walls are constructed brick by brick. There’s still time before the great wall is built. Partake of enchiladas and more than a few Molson and Corona. Get hammered, in your own way, while you still can.

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