Plastic Paradise

Oh, dear, God,

One word today, plastic. Why did You let plastic be invented if it would eventually muck up the world? I said “muck” as in filth. I’m also wondering, though, if we’ll be mucked if we keep generating plastic garbage.

You knew that polymers wouldn’t biodegrade like grass clippings. Of course I don’t want my ketchup bottle to degrade before I finish what’s inside, but why plastic? What is wrong with glass? Yes, glass is breakable, but glass eventually returns to original sand form.

I’ve never heard of a sea turtle eating a glass spaghetti sauce container or having a jelly jar stuck in it’s nose like a plastic straw. I think we were more careful with glass. If you break glass, it can cut you. Plastic is so much easier to give a thoughtless toss.

We don’t think of any harm coming from a plastic bottle or bag. Your creatures are eating plastic, not only sea turtles, but also mammals, birds, and fish. Plankton, for instance, were recorded ingesting micro plastic. I’m guessing You created plankton to give us oxygen since that’s one of the things plankton contribute to Earth. If plankton die from eating plastic, I’m going to have to skip one in every five breaths that they are responsible for creating.

Plastic works its way up the food chain. I’d rather not ingest petroleum products. My blood and the blood of 93% of Americans tests positive for BPA, an industrial chemical in plastics.

Oh, dear, God, are You experimenting? Am I the prototype for a human/Barbie subspecies? Becoming Barbie wouldn’t be so bad if I came with a Jeep, beach house, and bikini rocking body, but again, PLASTIC. Ugh! You surely don’t want civilization to come to an end in death by plastic. I think our demise is reserved for global warming, but that’s just a guess.

So what do You expect me to do if most people don’t think that plastic pollution is a problem? You see what people consider food, cheese doodles and carcinogenic pesticide and herbicide laced cereal. They’re probably not concerned with ingesting a bit of plastic bottle with their soda.

You know that Earth Day program You put into my head? That would’ve been a good start to help clean up our planet. Pardon me for pointing this out. I’m a voice crying out in the wilderness, “Clean up the crap” with an audience of one. Really, one person came to the program. If Your master plan is to change this world one person at a time, the thought that keeps popping into my head is dinosaurs.

Ankylosaurs, Titanosaurs, and Tyrannosaurs were all brought to a complete end by cataclysmic environmental change. EXTINCT! Okay, so rush hour with a T-Rex wasn’t in Your plan. Are humans on our way to that same demise, but the plot twist is we’ll bring on our own extinction?

Ha! That would be something for a future culture or race to dig up and ponder. The human race, complex working brains with the ability to further their world beyond imagination, this scenario sounds familiar. Makes me think of pyramids and aqueducts. Too bad many humans prefer to act like they have merde between their ears instead of brain matter. Sorry, we’re all Your children and I’m not the judge of them.

You have a sly wit giving us a chance to plot our destiny. I’m not questioning that master plan of Yours. Okay, I am. Could You give one of us a real solution to the plastic problem? And while on the subject of problems, the solution to the global fireball problem too? But not me. I already have a lot to do. Oh, that type of thinking may be why only one person came to the Earth Day program, sorry. I’m betting (not actually, one wouldn’t want to bet with You) You want us to all show up and to work together to solve these problems, right? You are one complicated deity.

Plastic paradise on a global furnace is stressing me out. I’ll get back to You.

Hey, thanks for listening.


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