Dear Potential Black Thursday (formerly known as Thanksgiving Day) Shopper

Stay home, bow your heads, and give thanks. I mean it…

Dear Potential Black Thursday (formerly known as Thanksgiving Day) Shopper,

Stay home. Eat your turkey. Rot on your couch in front of whatever game is on TV.

Many retail employees don’t want you to shop on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is early enough to line their mega rich CEO’s already bountiful pockets.

Employees have come to terms (not really) with the fact that the millionaires or billionaires who run their companies take home paychecks that are 1,730 times bigger than their piddling incomes. In fact, a CEO can make more money in one hour than their employees can make in a year.

Many employees can’t find it in their hearts to be grateful for the holiday pay. Instead, they feel it is more of a slap in the face to be able to earn a living wage only one day a year.

Maybe if enough of you stay home to eat your bird, they can stay home too. Trust me, integrity, self respect, and a family meal on the intended day of thanks means more than an extra fifty-two bucks once a year.

As far as gift giving goes, understandable you’re probably on a budget too. Think about this before you hit the stores on Black Thursday. Fashion and retail CEOs list at number two for billionaires worldwide. While a CEO can shell out 1.65 million dollars to have a thirty day kidnap experience to escape normality, they can’t give their employees Thanksgiving Day off with pay, ha, ha, ha!

The mega moneyed join clubs that can cost as much as $246,500.00 so they can score a last minute reservation at a restaurant that charges $326.00 a plate and offers twenty-nine different water choices. Meanwhile, most of their employees will be giving their kids a Lego experience for Christmas and the ground beef and noodle dining option at less than ten bucks for a family of four and tap water.

Retail employees may never join the ranks of the 1%, but they can grow their wealth by an extra couple of hundred dollars a month. This feat can be achieved with a second job making and selling handmade items, offering a ride share service, or walking dogs.

Stay home potential Black Thursday Shopper. Retail workers deserve the right to a turkey too. Buy gifts from that person selling crafts. Hire those people offering rides and walking dogs. See how good it feels to support someone more like you than the greedy SOB’s who have perverted a day of thanks into a gimmee more than God grab fest.

NOT shopping on THANKSGIVING Day,


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