I’d Like A Jeep

Just asking….

Oh, dear, God,

I’d like a Jeep. A Jeep could take me where I want to go, back roads, mountain vistas, or over sand at the beach.

I’d like goats and chickens. You may as well throw in a pony too. Think of the uproar from the neighbors with goats and chickens and a pony in our close spaces. Though I tolerate the singing neighbor, I imagine she wouldn’t tolerate livestock.

Could You contemplate putting me on about a hundred acres with the Jeep and livestock? “Ask and ye shall receive” that’s in the Good Book.

I’ll bet a list wasn’t quite what that passage meant. I know You’re not EBay or Amazon, but it was worth a shot putting it out there. Another passage says, “every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” I can’t imagine angels assembling Jeeps. But those goats and chickens?

P.S. I could totally do solar power to make up for the gas sucking Jeep. I’d need help acquiring that solar power too.

Thanks for listening.

Times short got to go.

Oh, dear, Santa…

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