God Bless Us, Everyone!

The best gifts come without wrapping paper and bows…

Oh, dear God,

First, sorry for the last communication. This time of the year is plagued by want, not in the sense of lack or shortage, but more of a scoop all you can into your pile type of want. Since Thanksgiving has become another shopping day full of bargains, we seldom take time to evaluate what we have and offer gratitude.

Thank You for not granting my list. I’m not saying that because I’m sucking up.

The Jeep would rust, eventually. My taxes would be higher with 100 acres and a new house. (I know I didn’t ask for the house outright. It was implied.) How would one care for goats and chickens on a 100 acres without someplace to live? Goats eat everything. Store eggs are easier. The poop’s already cleaned off of the shells. And my butt’s too big for a pony.

The solar power idea rocked. If that’s to be, I know You’ll help in some way.

I LOVE what You sent me instead, another day with family and friends. My spouse is kind of cool most of the time. We enjoy a lot of laughs together. The kid’s a ray of sunshine. She also gave me a son-in-law, the son I never had.

I am especially grateful to have both my parents. They’re fun people, kind and generous. They taught me the important things in life, mainly to be kind and generous even if the only thing you have to offer is your time.

My siblings and I can hang out together without noogies or fist fights. Friends, ah, these are true blessings. They are people, imperfect like me, but as I accept them, my friends accept me.

I appreciate the knowledge between wants and needs. The gifts You offer within me, no one can take away. Nothing can disturb that peace or happiness, not even the pain in the arse relative who… Never mind.

The gifts without wasteful packaging make clear what is important, our children, our relationships with others, and our planet. (Well, we’re mucking that up right now.) I do have hope that we’ll see how we live our lives is important too.

Oscar Wilde said, “Ordinary riches can be stolen: real riches cannot.”

Thanks for real treasure and Happy Birthday,

Thanks for listening, truly listening, then doing what is better than I can imagine.

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