Saltpeter, traditionally derived from bat guano or horse urine, sulfur, and charcoal make gunpowder. Roll tightly in paper. Add a fuse. You have an explosive device that goes BOOM! Firecrackers are marketed to boys ages 8- 16 years old and men who behave like 8-16 year old boys. Bundled into strings, packs, rolls, or bricks, a substantial amount of money goes up in smoke.

M-80 or quarter sticks grab attention, but don’t contain nitroglycerin like dynamite. Be thankful, lose a hand not your head with botched blow ups.

Initially intended to ward off evil spirits, blasting devices are now used for celebration. Recreate the sound effects of war to commemorate those who died in military service, proclaim freedom, or give workers their due, questionable, right? I’ve no idea the cause for celebration on random Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights.

Gunpowder, summer’s ruin, guarantees loss of sleep and pets with PTSD.

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