Self Destruction Sequence Engaged

Oh, dear God,

We need to talk rulers here and not the kind that measure things. WHAT THE HE…HELK ARE YOU THINKING WITH SOME OF THESE GUYS? (The worst of the worst are all men at this time.)

They commit genocide, torture and starve their people, engage in illicit sexual relations, demean women, use their wealth for political gain, and plunder their people in every way imaginable. They make a pirate look like a kind, law abiding granny. These men are devoid of morality, principles, beliefs, and values. Even pirates had a code. What these rulers are full of is cruelty that has no boundaries.

Pardon my questioning of Your master plan, but it’s a little scary here with ego maniacs in charge of things. Seriously some of theses guys have insatiable egos. Money’s not enough. Innumerable pleasures aren’t enough. Power’s not enough.

I’m not pointing out a design flaw (okay, I am), but what if You’d have put in a mechanism that when someone got too big for their britches and became a menace to society, poof! Counter that self destruct sequence with a set period to reign yourself in. Tick, tick, tick…. You have 90 seconds before self destruct implosion. Forgive me. I’ve been reading science fiction novels.

Again, that free will clause is troublesome to work around, huh?

It’d be a lot more fun here if we didn’t have to put up with bullies and the worry of when they’re going to lose their tempers and the rest of us go poof! Mushroom clouds probably BOOM! though not poof.

Seriously, what’s with these guys? Does the ability to have and poop in a gold toilet make them assume their crap doesn’t stink? Can’t You make them see that they’re not, well, You?

Wait there’s something dawning here. What if the fate of the world rested on me? What if each of us acted better? Those few bullies would be the minority. Now I see where that love thy neighbor thing comes in. I guess I have to start with that.

What makes me think that my neighbor shouldn’t sing because it annoys me? Who am I? I don’t own a gold toilet. It wouldn’t make a difference if I did. I’m not above anyone else. I’ll try harder.

You got this, don’t You? I’ll have faith. I’ll try to chill out. Most important, I’ll go out and vote.

Hey, thanks for listening.

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