Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate Thanksgiving and Not Black Thursday

My family’s not perfect, but spending time with them gives me writing material. I’m thankful that my family isn’t boring or too normal.

 Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate Thanksgiving and not Black Thursday

  1. Banish Regrets – Clothes are outgrown. Toys become landfill. Electronics are outdated. Dream big! Spend Thanksgiving planning life’s next big adventure. Really LIVE LIFE while you have it!
  2. More Family Time – You work hard to be able to buy stuff which forces you to work more. It’s a vicious cycle. Buy less. Live more. Spend Thanksgiving reflecting on simplifying your life.
  3. Build Relationships – Don’t harbor resentment, develop healthy relationships or release unhealthy ones. Work on relationships this Thanksgiving. Holding a hand is more comforting than holding the remote control of a TV.
  4. Time Slips by Quickly. – Use it wisely. Spend Thanksgiving with friends you call by name. In the end, the names Wal-Mart, JCPenney, and Sears will mean NOTHING.
  5. Choose Happiness – What was the most special gift you received on your 7th, 27th, or 37th Christmas? Can’t remember? Me neither. I do remember the year our church congregation had a snowball fight after midnight Mass. We didn’t shop on Thanksgiving or make someone else sacrifice family time to be at work for the fun we shared. Laughter is free and easy to come by when you engage with others and truly live.

Spend holidays making memories. They are lasting gifts. If your mind begins to fail, the people you made memories with will be at your side to hold your hand in the end.

Give Thanks

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