2020 Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?


            As we say goodbye to 2020, let’s not only remember the bad, but also the good. For where there are challenges, there’s also a way to overcome and triumph.

            What a bunch of hooey. 2020 was chaos.

            Before I kick the year to the curb, I feel I must sift through the wreckage and find something to salvage. I’m cursed or blessed with eternal optimism. So let me start again.

            The year 2020, good thing, bad thing, who knows?

            My mom’s motto is, “No dish shall be left in the sink overnight.” When she broke her arm at the beginning of the year, I expected a sink full of dishes when I visited. Washing dishes ranked right up there with cleaning the toilet on my least favorite chores list.

            As a testament to determination or just plain stubbornness, Mom found a way to wash her dishes and keep her cast dry. Yea!!! Mom is Wonder Woman.

            My dad had the most valid reason to complain about the year. First he lost two toes, then part of his foot, then his leg. I suggested that he dress like a pirate. I figured that I could rummage through his garage and find him a peg leg. But when the nursing facility lost his eye glasses, an eye patch was out of the question. Besides Dad said, “I’m not dressing as a damn pirate. I’m a good guy.” (I think bandanas make his head itchy.)

            Dad really is one of the good guys. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

            At 82 years old, Dad’s learning to walk with a prosthetic leg. Most people quit learning when they’re eighteen. Despite the wretched havoc to his body, Dad exemplifies what the human spirit is capable of overcoming. He’s Superman.

            My Godmother passed away this year. Aunt Mim (an alias) was a feisty and extremely private woman who spoke her mind. (I don’t dare use her real name. She might come back and haunt me.) Aunt Mim suffered in her last years. Suffering has a final end at the beginning of what’s next. Mim will be missed.

            I had knee surgery this year. Twice. First the right knee then the left knee and then I broke my toe. I’m mostly a tad concerned about a couple of phone messages relating that there might be a warrant put out for my arrest if I do not call a certain number.

            The calls originate in Florida. Unless authorities are coming to reclaim the seashells I lifted from the beach forty-three years ago, I’m guessing the phone calls might be a scam. The eternal optimist in me says I may not have the kick of a Rockette, but I’m still standing on two legs. I also have the hubby to lend me his arm when needed and maybe bail money.

            Okay I’ll address the plague in the room, Covid 19 or Condor 90 as my dad refers to it. Condor 90 has nothing to do with the nearly extinct species of bird and everything to do with the reason this year was so complicated. Covid19/Condor 90 has succeeded in pointing out just how selfish some of us can be. The shit storm has also shown how others have come in touch with their better natures.

To halt the spread, the CDC recommends wearing a mask, keeping a 6 ft. distance, and avoiding crowded indoor spaces. I tend to trust the CDC recommendations over someone’s Uncle Buck or Aunt Martha spewing falsehoods on Facebook or others listening to the voices in their heads.

Inconvenient recommendations? Sure. The plague, that decimated most of Europe’s population in the mid 1300’s, was also inconvenient, but temporary isolation is a better alternative to death. We now have the knowledge of germs and how they spread and infect a population. I hope we’ve come a long way from bathing in urine and excrement as cures. If only people would listen….

            My daughter has a compromised immune system. Most of my worry was reserved for her. When a coworker tested positive for Covid 19, no one else caught it. The reason? They all wear masks. Masks help prevent the spread. Don’t be a jackhole. Wear a mask. Think of someone besides yourself. It’s a good thing.

            This year, I’ve come to know super heroes and angels or more likely someone to keep the angels in line. I’ve not suffered much more than a few fools this year. I think I’ll live the New Year of 2021 the same way I lived 2020, one moment at a time. Good thing/bad thing, who knows?

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