The Weary Will Rise

Live love. This is the way…

I’m tired of seeing the pain in my husband’s face because he sacrificed his body for a job. We worry about health and healthcare.

            I’m tired of working two jobs. Middle class means one job loss or catastrophic illness away from bankruptcy and being homeless. There’re holes in the car, the sofa, and when I watch the evening news a hole in my heart too.

            I’m tired of additives and pesticides in our food and pipelines under, around, and through our water and wild places. Even a fool knows there are certain things you shouldn’t put in your mouth and that oil and water don’t mix.

            I’m tired of plastic bread ties, straws, utensils, bags, and water bottles mucking up the land and oceans. We’ve fouled the air, the land, and the water. Human activity affects the planet we live on, period. I’m tired of denial.

            I’m tired of thinking that it would take other life forms invading our planet to be able to come together as in the movie Independence Day to save our world. Our planet is in peril. Can we come together and save us from ourselves?

            I’m tired of fascism, racism, sexism, misogyny, and inequality in all its forms. We’ve bellyached and bitched about the same damn things mankind has bellyached and bitched about since the beginning of time. We go around in circles to end up with the same results. I’m tired of following.

            I’m exceptionally tired of hatred.

            What I’m not tired of is laughter despite all the things that make me tired. If you can laugh, you can love. Smiles bring hope to a weary old me.

            Simple kindness matters.

            Tonight I will go to sleep with a prayer and a wish to see another sunrise. Another day is another chance to cure the world of its weariness by taking the lead and spreading love. Let us begin together.

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