Whopper Lies

Summer shorts…

*I’m too old to….do wherever it is you’re trying to get out of doing.

*I’m too old to change.

            These are the biggest lies ever. Shame on you if you believe them. You’re never too old for most things except maybe tackle football or alligator wrestling. Let me tell you that there is going to be at least one geezer who can do both.

            What makes that person the exception? That person didn’t make excuses or believe lies. Yea! for that person. That person rocks!

            As for being too old to change, you are NEVER too old to change. You just don’t want to change because it’s hard work. You’re too lazy to do the work it takes to make a change.

            It’s not old that holds a person back. It’s the unwillingness to do hard work.

            As I was writing this piece, Phil Mickelson became the oldest person to win a golf major at 50 years, 11 months, and 7 days. He beat 99 of the top 100 players. He was raked 115 and accepted a special exemption to be able to play because of his ranking and being winless in the past two years.

            Few people thought Phil could win, but he believed he could and he did.

            Phil didn’t make excuses about his age. He learned meditation. He showed up. He did the work. Phil Mickelson rocks!

            Don’t make excuses. Don’t believe lies. Show up. Do the work. Rock!

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