What’s the Buzz?

Summer shorts…

Prepare for invasion. The cicadas are coming. Pennsylvania is expected to see a huge group of bug eyed crunchy insects emerge this spring and into summer.

            Cicadas spend seventeen years underground sucking on tree roots. The bugs then crawl to the surface, and perch on trees. The males emit a loud buzzing noise by flexing drum like organs called tymbals to attract a mate. Cicadas can be as loud as a lawn mower. The noise can be as annoying as a room of four year olds bashing sets of cymbals.

            Cicadas mate, lay eggs, then drop dead. Their adult life span is approximately a month, unless the bugs are eaten by a pet (not a good idea) or some guy with a Tupperware container nabs them to use as trout bait.

            Think about it. Wait seventeen years to make whoopee only to end up in a dog mouth or a bowl, a bug’s life can be a bummer. The indignity is worthy of the cicada middle finger.

            Forget pesticides. The critters don’t transmit disease. Be patient. Live and let love. See ya later cicada, but not for another seventeen years.

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