Whopper Lies Continued

Summer shorts…

*If I only had_____, I’d be happy.

            No you won’t. Happiness isn’t dependant on things or situations. Think about it. People can be happy in sunshine or rain or blizzards or hurricanes. And people can be miserable in these same situations. Happiness is dependant on how you handle the sucky and joyful that life throws at you. In a word, happiness is dependant on ATTITUDE.

            There are people who have money and healthcare. They do not have to punch a clock. Their time is free and their own. They may even have someone else prepare their meals. These people will complain about the wait in a restaurant take-out line.

            There are people who work two jobs, come home after a long day to prepare their family’s meals, have nothing for free, especially time, and can find contentment in a lawn chair watching clouds.

            Happiness doesn’t sit in a Lamborghini. Happiness sits inside of you. You just have to remember where you parked it and how to get to it when the lot is full.

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