Shark Bait

Summer shorts…

My sister Tina’s fear is that she’ll be eaten by a shark. Her worry goes beyond normal fear for she’s dreamed that her death will be by shark.

            Tina and I share a resemblance. We’re the two out of four siblings not blessed with blond hair, but with hair which can be described as the color of mouse fur.

            To be eaten by a shark one must go into the ocean. Tina doesn’t. I do.

            What if the person Tina dreamt of being shark bait was me? I’m taller, but in the water who’s going to measure you? As in meal appeal, I’d hate to describe myself as being older and ranker and sis as younger and juicier. Not sure that sharks would actually take that into consideration from what I’ve seen on documentaries.

            So, damn it, now I’m a tad apprehensive about learning to surf.

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