Super Power

Summer shorts…

Would you rather have the power of invisibility or flight? Invisibility, right, but not so fast. Consider the definition of invisible.


  1. inability to be seen
  2. the state of being ignored or not taken into consideration

           After landing our kayaks at the dock, a man asked how we fared fishing. As I spoke of the day’s catch on the dam, mid sentence, the man turned his head, walked towards my husband, and talked fishing with him.

           I can lift my kayak, rig a line, bait a hook, filet a fish, and tell a tale. With a turn of a head, I was not considered.

           Ninja invisible or slip a ring on a finger and disappear invisible is cool.

           Ignored invisible is not cool.

           What about flight then? We can fly in planes, jets, balloons, etc.. Flap your arms propulsion, like a bird, wouldn’t rely on a pilot.

           Think about the hover capability of hummingbird flight at 4,000 wing beats per minute. To maintain that kind of energy the sugar addict birds consume half their body weight in nectar daily and snatch hundreds of fruit flies.

           I might be able to consume dozens of cupcakes and candy bars each day. I wouldn’t want to eat that many bugs to maintain the ability for flight.

           I’d rather have the capability to talk to animals, less bullshit.

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