Summer shorts…

Camping: The activity of spending a vacation living in a building considered a camp, a tent, or a recreational vehicle. Time is usually spent in or around natural settings such as mountains, lakes, or a beach.

            Simply put, you spend time reconnecting to your real home, Earth, and the other residents on this planet. The more time spent outside, the better you become at recognizing and differentiating between the creatures that live with us such as sharks and skunks. This is a sensible life skill which can keep you alive or prevent a stinky encounter.

            On a recent camp trip, my husband and I kayaked on a beautiful lake. We were treated to a show when a bald eagle landed in the territory of a nesting pair of ospreys.

            In the aerial battle, the eagle, in mid-flight, turned upside down with its talons skyward and toward the angry osprey. We would’ve never witnessed the magnificence of such awe inspiring creatures from a couch. A nature documentary can’t compare to the real thing.

            When we told my sister-in-law about the battle between the osprey and eagle she said, “Is an osprey like a Big Foot?”

            A battle between an eagle and an unofficially documented species of ape-man, hmmm…yeah, that would be cool. But, no, an osprey is also a bird of prey similar to an eagle.

            Please go outside. You need not live for days in a tent to seek a reconnection to your real home, Earth. The more time you spend in nature the less chance you’ll mistake a bird of prey for a hairy giant who can drag you off into the forest to make you his bitch.

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