Full of Fleas

Summer shorts…

I stopped at a flea market where I expected the sellers to market fleas. Anything you wanted and many things you’d never think to buy could be had for a price. Used bras to a “Where’s the beef” plate to a life size cigar store Indian statue vied for attention and an open wallet.

            A few of the more interesting offerings:

  • 1919 silent movie star Marion Davies Coca Cola advertisement for $425.00
  • Bags of previously used nails for fifty cents
  • A bucket filled with cement (I didn’t check the price.)
  • Heads

     *An angel head not attached to the body

     *A turkey head (The head is the least appealing part of a turkey. Really look at the      bird and you’ll agree.)

     *Heads done up in gaudy makeup

     *Ugly, scary baby faces (Just the faces)

      *The visible head kit anatomical model

  • Scary Santas (From the North Pole of the damned)
  • Old Fig Newton boxes (Gee, we threw those out as garbage.)
  • A twenty gallon butter churn (That’s a lot of freakin’ butter.)
  • Stuff with lead paint
  • Half of a bottle of perfume
  • Bed pans
  • A plastic hand

I bought a fishing lure. It looked new.

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