Aim for the Juggler

Summer shorts…

One should never stop learning. I’m in the process of acquiring a new skill, juggling. Seriously, juggling, I tossed bean bags into the air and kept them from dropping to the ground, mostly.

            Places where my dropped juggling bags have landed:

  • The stove
  • The dog’s water dish
  • The sink ( Note to self; drain dishwater before jugging practice.)
  • The garbage can
  • I’ve also beaned my mom with a bag. (Sorry Mom. Maybe you should sit in the neighbor’s yard next time.)

            People ran away when they saw me with my juggling bags. This might not be a good omen if I planned to make money from my new skill.

            No circus would take me for my juggling skills alone. I’d have to mention my years of experience working at an animal shelter and in a pet shop. I know shit, literally.

            The ringmaster would probably send me to find my calling with the elephants. What an incentive to practice more.

            Good thing, that making money wasn’t in my plan. My goal was to juggle bowling balls. If only bowling balls didn’t dent the floors, sigh.

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