Money, Money Everywhere, But Not a Penny’s Worth of Common Sense

Fall short…

I asked this question at a wedding, “What would you do with a billion dollars?”

The answers:

-Get out of debt.

-Move out of current apartment building.

-Buy a truck and a garage. Then give the rest of the money to their kids.

-Give the neighbors money. (Yea! That was my neighbor.)

-Donate to charities.

* Sensible answers, but no where near the understanding of a BILLION dollars.

             I asked a different set of people, “What would you do with a billion dollars?”

The answers:

-Buy half of Wyoming

-New house, more land, and a helicopter

-Jet (better than a helicopter), and a mansion that would be like a giant garage/man cave.

-A thousand cars and a mansion, all red.

-Take everyone on vacation. Then hand out keys to new cars on return.

            It should be noted that the second time I asked this question, it was at a funeral. It was lost on most that a helicopter wouldn’t fit into a casket. The deceased didn’t even drive. What made her happy was her family.

            And me? I’d choose a hot tub and sliced cheese.(I buy the block because it’s cheaper and slice it myself.) A little relaxation and convenience might be nice. I could fire up the BBQ and invite friends for a chill evening. Who needs a hot tub or a billion dollars to do that?

            A billion dollars, an opportunity for change or a vehicle for foolishness?

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