A Cautionary Tail

Fall short…

My mom feeds the birds. As any feeder of birds finds out, they will also feed squirrels. Mom has a particularly crafty squirrel with a fabulous, bushy tail, (the result of fine dining, for sure). We named the squirrel Fabio.

            Fabio plops himself in the middle of the platform feeder and chases away birds and squirrels alike until he can gorge no more.

            One day, Fabio caught his luxurious tail in the chain that holds the feeder. The squirrel struggled to free himself. After quite a tussle, Fabio broke the confines of the chain.

            Fabio isn’t so fabulous now. Part of his tail was left behind.

            The fur was gone the next day. No doubt, the birds took it for nesting material, payment for Fabio’s hoggishness.

            Take a lesson from a squirrel. Don’t make yourself the center of the world. And don’t be greedy. It could cost you your tail.

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