Four Dollars Worth of M & M’s in One Day

A month of thanks…

The convenience store offered 2/$4.00 or one for $2.19 share size packets of M&M’s. To save nineteen cents, I spent eighty-one cents.

            The peanut butter egg M&M’s were left from Easter, but weren’t discounted other than the two for price. The eggs were speckled pink, green, purple, and yellow. The key lime flavored M&M’s tasted alright but a slice of key lime pie would’ve been yummier.

            The plan was to sample a couple of each flavor and to save the rest of the packets for a rainy day. (I hide them in my desk drawer.)

            Then the rain started, real rain.

            Then an argument with the hubby made me dive in the packet for just a few candies.

            Then the car needed a visit to the garage.

            The home improvement project blew the budget.

            Then the other home improvement project blew its budget.

            People never do what you expect them to do.

            It kept raining.

            The packets never made it to the desk drawer.

            Never buy share size candy when there’s a possibility of a stress filled day.

            Share size M&M’s, no sharing involved.

I should be thankful the store didn’t offer a 3/$5.00 deal.

            760 calories, damn it.

             I should’ve spent $2.19.

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