Joy to You

Find joy…

  A love/hate relationship to holidays may depend on one little word, family. Family can make or break joy.

             Family dynamics can be explosive when you’re squeezed together in a few rooms and joy is the expected outcome. It’s no accident that dynamics and dynamite are neighbors in the dictionary. Family would be right above those two words if “family” started with a “d”.

            This may be what you think, but you would be wrong. Yeah, led you into that one, but I won’t let you deny the truth. It’s you that makes or breaks joy.

            Joy isn’t a little hummingbird that’s drawn to your face like a flower and keeps coming back on its own free will.

            Joy wants you to look for it like a good game of hide and seek.

            Joy and gratitude are best friends. Find one of them and the other is right there too. Joy and happiness are in you not outside of you. Nothing on the outside can affect the inside unless you permit it.

            To help us make the season of joy joyful, a gratitude list might be more helpful than a Christmas list.

            Let’s begin together…

            I’m grateful that I don’t have to spend every day with my family, squeezed together in a few rooms, because it’s snowing and too cold to spend time outdoors.

            Not exactly what I was looking for here. I wouldn’t want to see my siblings at the bad end of a charging hippo. As I’m sure they wouldn’t want to see me eaten by a tiger. (Besides the gross factor, I think they love me too or at least like me occasionally.)

            Try again.

            I’m grateful that I can slow down and marvel at the beauty of a snow flake.


            I’m grateful that I realize life’s most beautiful moments are as fleeting as snowflakes, but stay with you forever.

            Now we’re getting somewhere.

            I’m grateful for the time spent with this family, that I love, despite their failings and who love me despite mine. Yeah, now I feel joy. You see how gratitude helps to find joy and that joy is up to you?

            Try it. Dare you.

            Look for gratitude. Find joy.

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