Let ‘Er Rip

Be you…

I was invited to celebrate a couples’ commitment to each other. Weddings were happy events that also promised dancing and cake.

            The first thing I noticed on the dance floor was that I was the only person who wasn’t checking my smart watch to track my steps. Smart watches also tracked sleep, stress, heart rate, body mass, texts, email, and let’s not forget, time.

            The only things my wrist told me were the map coordinates to my happy place and the names of the two people I loved most which were tattooed on my skin. I never felt that I needed a wrist ornament to tell me when I was lazy. I was honest with myself and admitted it. I also offered free advice, “Get up and move or you’ll regret the two cupcakes you ate.”

            I was the only person in our group dancing for fun and not concerned with hitting a goal.            

This led to a second revelation. The only people who were truly dancing were me, my daughter, her best friend (who spent hours at our home as a surrogate second kid), and the drunk boys. We let ‘er rip.

            Everyone else was worried about what people would think of them if they pulled the stick out of their backside and truly expressed themselves with wild abandon. Such a pity to lose an opportunity for fun to care about the thoughts of a majority of people who you might never see again.

            The scolds will talk. The wags will point discretely. The joyful will request Come With Me Now by Kongos. (Look up the meaning of these lyrics. No wonder I love this tune as much as I do.)

            Come with me now. Dance like it’s your first or last day on Earth!

Don’t let fear or inhibitions hold back the true you. Really live this new year as the person you were meant to be.

Huge heart felt thanks to Kongos for sharing their talents and joy!

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