Non-Fiction Books Worthy of Your Time

I visited the library where I used to hold a day job. I looked around at the hall of learning. Gratitude filled my being. Half of everything worth learning came to me from books, another part from great parents, the rest from failure, and experience. Because of writers, I learned philosophy, history, how to paint, to write, how to grow plants, how to be the best person I could be, etc. Reading is not wasting time. I dedicate March to reading. Visit your local library.

  1. The War of Art-Steven Pressfield

            *The War of Art is not only for artists, but also for those who wish to stop making excuses and to accomplish something. Mr. Pressfield calls out resistance, that voice inside all of us that keeps us from living life to our fullest potential. If you’ve ever said, “I can’t” or have made up an excuse to avoid doing something (we all have), read this book. The War of Art is to life what the alphabet is to learning to read.

  1. Stillness is the Key-Ryan Holiday

            *So, you think you can live the best life with a constant barrage of noise and nonsense. No, you can’t. Can this be why the world is so f*cked up? Mr. Holiday slows us down with examples of real people who beat back the chaos to be their best.

  1. Tiny Beautiful Things/Advise on Love and Life from Dear Sugar-Cheryl Strayed

            *Empathy minus the bullshit, a book of wisdom that calls you to suck it up buttercup and deal with life honestly.

  1. Big Magic/Creative Living Beyond Fear-Elizabeth Gilbert

            *Not only for the artist, Big Magic is part of every serious life not taken seriously. Read the book and you’ll understand this concept.

  1. American Fire– Monica Hesse

            *A community left behind/arson/love story: take a chance. You’ll be glad you did.

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