My Bucket List Tramp Around the Globe

The library holds an under-utilized treasure, oversize books. I visited the library and pulled many of those big, unvisited, neglected books from their shelves and spread them over a table. I was greeted with stunning photographs of beautiful places. The photos reached out and grabbed my curiosity. I was compelled to compile a fantasy travel list. Who knows? Someday two or three of us may meet in person. Visit your local library. Set your dreams in motion.

Atlantic Beach- the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean

Badlands- because they are bad

Canada-a dear neighbor with vast stretches of wilderness

Daintree Rainforest, Australia- oldest rainforest on the planet

Easter Islands- must see those big heads

Fiordland National Park- waterfalls

Galapagos Islands- crazy critters

Hobbiton- Tolkien’s world comes alive.

Ireland- Doesn’t everyone wish to be Irish?

Jura, Isle of- Scotland’s last wilderness, and it’s SCOTLAND.

Kauai- complete enchantment of the senses

Louvre Museum- Hell, it’s the Louvre and in Paris.

Mammoth Cave, KY- could be another planet

New Zealand- Just because its New Zealand home to way cool everything and it’s where Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit were filmed.

Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland- Golf course where I might run into Graeme McDowell and I can ask why I didn’t win a round of golf with him and he can make good and I’ll buy the pints.

Pebble Beach Golf course- A great place to beat the winter blues and to practice for all the overseas courses, I must also keep the hubby happy if I’m dragging him around the world.

Queenstown- because it’s in New Zealand

Redwood National Park- big ass trees

Stonehenge- same strange draw as the big heads on Easter Island

Turnberry Ailsa golf course, Scotland- You can still have a good day with a bad game.

Underwater view of the Great Barrier Reef- before humanity destroys it

Vineyards in Vermont- Where else would you spend the fall season?

Wairarapa- north of Wellington with a stop at the Waiohine Gorge- everything you could want- adventure, art, cycling, fishing, golf, gardens, surfing, wine, and their own Stonehenge

Xativa Castle, Spain- Where better to visit a castle?

Yellow submarine tropical cocktail on a dock in Key West at sunset

Zip line Costa Rica’s Rainforest- Why not?

I encouragement you to compile your fantasy bucket list with a trip to the library. Enjoy an adventure, far or near. Just go.

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