Man Versus Nature in Haiku

Save us…

Man versus nature

Most often man does destroy

Can nature fight back?

A boat drives into

A peaceful gray manatee

The manatee cries.

What really happens

The manatee, he does die

Too painful, too sad.

Nature needs heroes

Brave heroes to deal justice

To save her creatures.

With lion’s body

Tail of scorpion, just beast

Manticore bares teeth.

The manticore eats

The driver of the speed boat

The score is even.

I am not allowed

To write about manticores

And clashes with man.

Myself as a psychopath

Ah, lest I present

So says the husband.

I am deemed out of

Control and coffee taken

To give my mind rest.

I am also not

Allowed alcohol today

In case you wondered.

In other matters

Haiku is also vetoed

So says the husband.

A peaceful gray dolphin was captured in a net. As the net was lifted by a human, a kraken happened to swim by….

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