Walk On

Summer Shorts…

Early summer mornings are for walking. A walk clears your head to make room for brilliant ideas. Or you can be like me and re-landscape everyone’s yard. What is it with shrubs shaped like balls, cones, or squares? The shrub abominations push my thoughts beyond linear parameters.

            Early mornings almost guarantee encounters with wildlife, even in a suburban neighborhood. Deer and fawns greet the mornings with me. Rabbits and groundhogs abound. I face the culprits who ate my garden. Share. Leave me something more than one strawberry.

            Then there was the man on his porch. No shirt, big belly, snow-white beard, skin that saw North Pole summers, and white boxers; I busted Santa Claus in his underwear. So what to do? I waved and said, “good morning,” of course.

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