Filet O’ Fish

Summer Shorts…

A beach is a magical place. My husband and I wished to share the beach experience with our friends, Tammy and Steve. We packed up for a long weekend and headed south.

           Our friends braved the surf and jumped the waves. We built chairs out of the sand and caught rays. Tammy and Steve were moderately sunburned and smelled of coconut oil by day’s end.

           After a beach day, we longed to share the bounty of the sea. Oysters and clams, raised in the bay, came no fresher. Scallops and crab graced every menu. Tammy and Steve weren’t buying anything that chewy. We couldn’t entice them to try fresh fish, no flounder, no grouper, no tuna. They ordered pasta, roast beef, and hamburgers.

           On the way home, we stopped at a fast food restaurant for a quick supper. Tammy ordered a filet o’ fish sandwich. UGH!

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