To Be Cool in School

Back to the future…

Two reasons to be thankful you weren’t popular in high school

  1. You have to plan the class reunions.
  2. You would have to attend the class reunions.

            I graduated from a class of over 400 students. I never knew half of the kids during my years in school. At the 30th high school reunion, 120 classmates attended. That’s approximately twenty-nine percent. About 1/4 of the graduating class was curious to see how everyone aged. The rest of us didn’t give a shit. We realized long ago that there’s a wide world out there. The 35th reunion saw an even poorer turnout.

            It wasn’t worth the ticket price to return to yesteryear to reinforce what I already knew. Popularity doesn’t mean a damn thing. The friends that matter have never left me. I don’t visit them only once a year in five or ten year increments.

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