Food Observations

Food for thought…


  • I love ethnic foods outside my ethnic background.
  • If I had a DNA test, I’ll venture that the above wouldn’t be a complete truth.
  • Oatmeal is good for you.
  • Oatmeal cake made with 4 cups of sugar, shortening, and 1/4 of a pound of butter probably is not.
  • Baltimore Blond Guinness, you don’t suck, but you’re not as tasty as the original Guinness.
  • Beets suck.

Serious Ick

  • Ikizikuri is live sushi. Live food makes me think of Gollum, “Gives it to us raw and wriggling. You keep nasty chips.” Why, thank you, Gollum. I will take the chips.
  • Spray Cheese- What is it, really?
  • Deep Fried Butter- Perverse, totally perverse.
  • Brain Sandwich-A brain on bread or a bun. A brain sandwich doesn’t guarantee a serving of intelligence.


  • All the large tomatoes in a garden will not ripen together to be able to can a batch of sauce.
  • The tomatoes grown for salads will ripen all at once.
  • The same goes for cucumbers.
  • The lettuce will have gone to seed as soon as the tomatoes and cucumbers ripen.
  • Salads consist of tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Tomato/cucumber salads three times a day get old.


  • Dates resemble a cockroach.
  • If cockroaches tasted like dates, would I eat cockroaches?
  • Insect-eating is practiced regularly by at least 2 billion people worldwide.
  • Bugs flew into my mouth, and I swallowed. But not on purpose, reflexively.
  • Gummy worms are made with corn syrup, artificial dyes, and artificial flavors.
  • I would probably eat a real worm before I’d eat a bag of gummy worms. Maybe not.
  • I ate crackers made with crickets. I’d eat them again.
  • My girlfriends said they would rely on my hunting and gathering skills to keep them alive during an apocalypse.
  • When I explained how to cook crickets, most of my girlfriends thought they might choose death.
  • My friends have no problem eating artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, and fake flavoring.

New Foods

  • If the hubby finds a new recipe, I don’t make the food if we have blood work scheduled. The doctor would wonder why we weren’t dead. Think heavy whipping cream, pounds of cheese, and sodium in oceanic proportions.
  • I ate a luffa plant, the sponge-like plant used as a skin exfoliate loofah. Raw, they taste similar to a cucumber. Cooked a luffa tastes more like zucchini.
  • I tried chia pudding. Yum. The hubby said the pudding resembled a frogspawn. Some chia recipes do look like pre-frogs mixed with sediment in a pond. I dress the pudding up by mixing it in a pretty bowl. The hubby suggested putting a lid on the frog egg pudding.

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