Many Thanks

Food for thought…

Oh, dear, God,

Thanks for giving me this day. It’s mine to use as I please. I can make the world better, squander the day, or stuff my face in the name of a holiday with dubious beginnings. Let’s keep our hopes up together for the right choice.

Thank you for enough food and for knowing the meaning of enough.

Thanks for a reason to get out of bed each morning.

Thank you for the people in my life, family, and friends. A favor, though. Can you move a few of the annoying people around? There is a person who is the bane of my daughter’s life. May I suggest a trade-off? Redistribution, if You will? Give me an extra pain in the a…challenging person. Ease up on the kid, okay?

Thanks for the things taken for granted, air, water, good health, a home, rest, laughter, love, joy, peace, and all the good stuff.

Thanks for the challenges too. It reminds me to treasure the good stuff and not to take those things for granted.

Thanks for the cake with buttercream frosting. If You could make cake a healthy food that would be more appreciated.

Thank you for animals, birds, and fish, except the evil black cat that attacked the dog and husband. Smite that beast, please.

Thanks for the flannel sheets. I’m grateful to whoever invented flannel sheets, really thank you.

Thanks for the beach, the forest, and the trees. Nature saves me scads of money on therapy.

Thanks for the pen, paper, and paints for the fun stuff. It’s horrifying to waste these gifts on bills or hiding hideous wallpaper. Creating and sharing art makes more sense.

Thanks for the fireflies. A butt that blinks, how cool!

Thanks for the bees and honey.

Thanks for the books, coffee, and tea. And for a quiet moment to enjoy each in a comfy chair.

Thanks for the jellyfish. Watch a jellyfish for a few minutes. Then check your blood pressure.

Thanks for alleviating my fear of making a fool of myself dancing. I’d miss so much fun conservatively moving my fists in rhythm with only my shoulders.

Thanks for the ideas/concepts of Sasquatch and aliens. It gets the heart pumping running from camp to the outhouse at night and distracts you from the possibility of stepping on a rattlesnake.

Thanks for the kayak. Kayaks are a great alternative to the canoe that kept dumping us in bodies of water.

Thanks for a straight drive. A straight drive saves money on replacing lost golf balls.

Thanks for reusable straws. I couldn’t imagine yanking a straw out of my nostril like an unfortunate sea turtle.*

Thanks for time. Your time. Time in general and for realizing this is a most precious gift.

*Turtle with straw in nose.

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