Food for thought…

Is anyone else thankful that the political blah, blah, blah ads on TV have ceased? Hopefully, all the roadway signs were collected and trashed.

            What stands out now are the signs in front yards declaring a love or hate relationship with a politician. Many displays have lights so others can view their view from a car at night. Should motorists be reading at speeds of 35 to 65 mph?

            What might happen if time and energy were put into actions with positive consequences instead of a yard full of signs?

            If living in the north, spend time on one less sign and shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk. If living in the south, pull weeds. Pick up the garbage along the road.

            Walk off anger in the forest or along a seashore. Nature doesn’t affiliate with any political parties. Maybe we can learn from her? Take a bag and collect the garbage. Double the effectiveness.

            Why put fate in the hands of someone you’ve probably never met? Take charge. Be the change you want to see.

            Do good. Unless you’re a person who likes to bitch at the world through a yard sign.

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