Second Chance Drawing

New Year, new beginning…

I go on line to check lottery tickets and email. For a limited time, I can enter losing tickets for a chance to win a hundred thousand dollars.

            My Monday morning marketing tip is compared to the simplicity of fly fishing.  I’m assured fly fishing isn’t as hard as it’s made out to be. Go where there’s fish. Cast a lot. If no bites, switch flies. The result is a photograph of you holding a sizable fish on the banks of a wide river.

            I certify that I am not an employee of or family member living in the same household as an employee of…. Check box.

            I read nothing about how to untangle your line from a tree. The stream you have fished is small and narrow with many overhanging branches to snag you. A small stream won’t produce fish as large as the big river. The stream doesn’t have the abundant resources of the larger body of water. There’s also too much competition for those resources on the stream. The rules that apply to the large river apply to the stream. You just land smaller fish.

            We regret to inform you that your recent effort doesn’t meet our needs at this time and other polite words. Best of luck elsewhere.

            In the little stream, occasionally, you can land a sizable trout, but that fish was stocked, grown elsewhere and released into the small stream. Do you keep casting and changing flies or hang up the rod and walk away?

            The official entry code will display in all caps and doesn’t include any vowels. Any digit that appears to be the letter “O”, is, in fact, a zero (0).

            I can receive the purest curcumin and super omega-3 supplements, guaranteed to combat fatigue and stress from long work days. With a forty dollar purchase, I will also score a free, one year membership to receive the discounted price on future orders.

            I look up at the bulletin board above my desk and see how to handle stress like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, then pee on it and walk away. What if the something that causes you stress allows you to eat?

            Enter number. My entry has been accepted.

            I can live an extraordinary life when I resolve my differences between “the abundant” and “the struggling.” Click here to learn the five steps to clear my abundant blocks. Number one; I need to believe in something and it becomes truth.

            Terms of use/ Privacy Policy/ Legal Notices

            My almost empty wallet is open on the desk, two dollars and change. I put the change in a jar to save for a grand adventure. The two bucks can buy a mega ticket without multiplier. One shouldn’t be greedy. The dreams two dollars can buy (before you check your ticket) are beyond face value of that bill.

             What I need is to pick the kale and trim the lavender instead of sitting behind this desk dreaming of true purpose and extraordinary life because there will be no time to do those chores tomorrow after the job and supper and dishes and laundry.

            A guided meditation to healing myself promises to be a magical journey and I can begin anew.

            Small streams eventually find their way to the ocean. If you quit casting your line, there’s no chance to have your picture taken with a large fish. Find elsewhere. Hit send, again. Best of luck.

            Fourteen tickets have awarded me forty-six entries, faith in a second chance drawing.

            Please gamble responsibly.

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