Here are the facts:

  • My parents LOVE bluegrass music
  • My parents instilled values in their children, sometimes with success.
  • My husband and I golf, together. We have a relationship based on true love to be able to do this.
  • My daughter is now married. I have a wonderful son-in-law.
  • My sister and I have adventures and make too much noise to encounter a bear in the forest.
  • I have friends, real friends, not the virtual kind. I only write about them occasionally because I want to keep them.
  • No one in my immediate family has done time in the slammer. There is truth in what I write, but I make up a lot of stuff. Keep that in mind.
  • My work is copyrighted.
  • I am the product of much love. Wish you the same.
  • Hint: Give more. Get more.

Please, don’t imagine you must share this writer’s skewed view of life. My wish is that you may have a laugh to start or finish your day. There is no better way to begin or end, except maybe with a kiss.

Jackie Allison is a spouse, parent, and dog toy medic. She’s created Franken toys worthy of a few more tugs. She’s happiest barefoot at the beach, in the forest, paddling a kayak, or on a golf course. She had two honorable mentions in Glimmer Train. Her work has appeared in Funny Times, Horror Tree, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Hoping you enjoy the summer shorts and fall short while I work on my next book.