Here are the facts:

  • My parents LOVE bluegrass music
  • My parents instilled values in their children, sometimes with success.
  • My husband and I golf, together. We have a relationship based on true love to be able to do this.
  • My beautiful daughter is now married. I gained a wonderful son-in-law.
  • Maybe this is the year that I learn to surf?
  • My sister and I have adventures and make too much noise to encounter a bear in the forest.
  • I have friends, real friends. I only write about them occasionally because I want to keep them.
  • No one in my immediate family has done time in the slammer. There is truth in what I write, but I make up a lot of stuff. Keep that in mind.
  • I am the product of much love. Wish you the same.
  • Hint: Give more. Get more.
  • My stories are copyrighted.

Please, don’t imagine you must share this writer’s skewed view of life. My wish is that you may have a laugh to start or finish your day. There is no better way to begin or end, except maybe with a kiss.