Walk On

Summer Shorts... Early summer mornings are for walking. A walk clears your head to make room for brilliant ideas. Or you can be like me and re-landscape everyone’s yard. What is it with shrubs shaped like balls, cones, or squares? The shrub abominations push my thoughts beyond linear parameters.             Early mornings almost guarantee encounters … Continue reading Walk On

No Shoes

Summer Shorts... Marilyn vos Savant said, “If you have to wear shoes, you’re really not on vacation. You’re just someplace else.” -No shirt, no shoes, no service. PROBLEM.             Travel until you find no shirt, no shoes, NO PROBLEM! Stay awhile. Feel the sand and surf or the grass and dew on your toes.             … Continue reading No Shoes

Something I Heard While on Vacation

Summer Shorts... -Parent to a child in the beach parking lot             “No, we’re not going to the freaking water park. We’re at the beach!”             Yea, to that parent for choosing the beauty and simplicity of nature over the manufactured mayhem of a water park.             What would a kid learn at a water … Continue reading Something I Heard While on Vacation